Frequently asked questions

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Is a free service?
You can try it out for free to get questions for your next job interview. You can use our free plan without keying in credit card details to start. You can generate more questions with a paid plan.
How does it work?
It is easy. Simply enter the job title and job description, and get interview questions in seconds.
What is 1 credit and what can I use it for?
We use a credit system to record usage. Your credit quota will vary depending on how many you purchased. Credits are used when something is generated. 1 credit = 1 job interview questions
Do you use AI?
Yes, we are using OpenAI and also other AI models.
Are your interview questions useful?
Of course, they are. We will continue to improve our AI to create relevant interview questions to help you ace that job interview.
Are my data secure?
They are securely stored in the cloud data centers, who holds a SOC2 Type 2 certification. And only you can access the data. If you are on the team plan, you can grant permission to other users to access the data. We take privacy and data security very seriously.
Billing Company Name on Invoice and refunds
The billing company name on your invoice will be INFIGARO PTE. LTD. We have to certain cost to run the business and make money to sustain the company so we can feed our families. We regret to inform you that we do not provide any form of refunds, whether partial or in full. Let us know how we can improve our solution to support your dream.